Kate Hanson


Kate Hanson


Gravel, Mountain biking, Cyclocross

Favorite Cycling Snack

Swedish fish and anything with Peanut Butter

Favorite Bike

Depends on the day, but my Surly Karate Monkey is what I learned to mountain bike on, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, the rust-orange paint job matches my hair, so I feel like we were made for each other.

Life Motto

Not exactly a life motto, but repeating the quote “I am a badass mother who don’t take no crap off NOBODY” from Cool Runnings got me through a 32-hour race once, and in general I think it’s a good reminder that we can do a lot more than we think if we just BELIEVE we’re capable of great things.

Role Model

So many! Kari Ann Gibbons, Kate Coward, and Sveta Vold to name a few local badasses who I stalk follow.

Describe your perfect day

A summer day JAM-PACKED with all of my favorite outdoor activities surrounded by everyone I know, and asleep by 10pm.