Who is Team Recess?

Team Recess is a small FTWNB cycling team based in Minneapolis. We are dedicated to supporting FTWNB cyclists in all disciplines. The Team Recess approach to racing and riding bikes is supportive, well-stocked with snacks, and fun. We love inviting our friends to play bikes. Recess is the time of day–no matter where you are in life–when you join with folx outside of boundaries set for you by work, school, and other obligations to play and work together and–of course–get the endorphins and the thrill going!

Founded in 2013 as Koochella Racing by Anna Schwinn with the goal of increasing representation of FTWNB at the local velodrome, Team Recess is one of the longest-standing FTWNB teams in the area. We want to thank former members of Koochella Racing. Without the past iterations of the team, we wouldn’t have this new team today. As we always have been, Team Recess remains focused on developing self-motivated cyclists who want to ride and race bikes, and providing time and support to their teammates, team goals, and the greater Twin Cities community. 

Team Recess believes our country was built upon and continues to profit from stolen land and stolen labor. Using our platform and resources to center Black liberation and BIPOC voices is part of our commitment to antiracist action. Please read our Land Acknowledgement (link), statement on George Floyd’s murder (link), and visit our Instagram and the Mutual Aid Raffle page (link) for a closer look at our point of view and to see how we’re leveraging our audience, sponsors, and industry to push for change. 


Accepting applications until Jan 31, 2022.

Our Responsibilities as Team Members `

We ask that members of Team Recess are fully committed to the team’s purpose and work. Riders sign contracts upholding their commitments. As a member of Team Recess, you receive the following benefits: 

  • A portion of race fees covered each year 
  • Sponsor products and/or discounts
  • A supportive network of FTWNB teammates: camaraderie, advice, diversity of experience, and knowledge to share
  • A way to engage with the sport you love and be active for change in the community you’re a part of

Throughout the relatively long history of the team as Koochella Racing and in our current formation, our teammates have dedicated significant time and energy to team-related activities including:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Riding and/or racing in at least 3 to 5 events (often more), depending on discipline, per year, USAC-sanctioned or unsanctioned
  • Fundraising for mutual aid, distributed by the team or through a mutual aid org
  • Our annual alley cat
  • Volunteerism
  • Group social rides
  • Sponsor relationships
  • Mentoring beginner racers with scholarship funds and moral support
  • Social media