Anna Matthews

Anna Matthews

Cyclocross, gravel

Favorite Cycling Snack
Homemade treats, pretzels, peanut M&M’S, CLIF Shot Blocks–Margarita flavor only!

Favorite Bike
My All-City Log Lady with drop bars. I ride it in cyclocross races, mountain biking, and anywhere there is dirt…

Life Motto
I have guiding principles. Being “true to yourself” is important. But, before that you must “know yourself” and also probably “love yourself”. I’ll claim those three.

Role Model
My teammates

Describe your perfect day
The day begins after a full night of restful sleep. I wake up with the sunlight and have some kind of oatmeal. I couldn’t have a perfect day without eating oats. I spend time in the morning reading with tea or coffee. I’ll ride my bike on some dirt… wouldn’t want to plan when. After I prepare a snack buffet for friends coming over. That’s a perfect day for me:  mostly close to home, alone time, friend time, and finger food!