Sarah Bonneville

sabo yogaphoto by Hilary Roberts


Sarah Bonneville (aka SaBo)

Track, Cyclocross

Favorite Cycling Snack
Black Pepper Sunflower Seeds and Clif Shot Blocks. They’re just candy.

Favorite Bike
Why do you make me choose a favorite child??? Just kidding. My custom-painted All-City Nature Boy 853 is my fave babe right now. I’ve put it through infinite crashes and it keeps racing me through sand pits, mud slides, and, most importantly, she looks REAL good doing it. <3 <3 <3

Life Motto
Do whatever you want. Seriously.

Role Model
Nicole Mertz. Have you seen her bunny hop a foot-tall barrier? I have.

Describe your perfect day.


73574840-2017-10-07+Donkey+CX-110photo by Brady Prenzlow
Donkey CX @ Baker Orchard, October 2017

7 thoughts on “Sarah Bonneville

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  7. Didn’t know you were into this…Of course! That’s what you were building up for!! I need an update on you! We’re proud of you, SarahB! Looks like you are Olympic bound! Know you are a great athlete! Talk soon!
    Love, Nanie, Gampy, & Judy

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