Sarah Bonneville

sabo yogaphoto by Hilary Roberts

Name:  Sarah Bonneville

What was your first race experience like?
I remember my first race vividly. At the time, I was doing some bike courier work and had much confidence as we swam up the 35W rush hour traffic. I was a few weeks out of my intro track class and my spirit animal, Tiana Johnson, convinced me to try a real race. I showed up in yoga pants and a snickered Bern helmet. Ms. Johnson generously let me borrow a jersey, pedals, and shoes. I had no such gear of which to speak. 

The race began with an all-levels women’s field rolling off the rail. I remember the g-force pull as we took the corners, the unbelievable proximity of these other riders, and my white knuckles glued to my handlebars. It was incredible.

Needless to say, I was very much dropped from the pack, lapped and lapped again. Maybe lapped once more. I was over-joyed to find out there were not only women-identifying racers, but those who were incredibly powerful athletes that I could even aspire to beat. Some good seeds were planted that day. 

What are your bike-related goals?

What are your non bike-related goals?
Justin Timberlake backup dancer 



Photo by Steve Kotvis


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  7. Didn’t know you were into this…Of course! That’s what you were building up for!! I need an update on you! We’re proud of you, SarahB! Looks like you are Olympic bound! Know you are a great athlete! Talk soon!
    Love, Nanie, Gampy, & Judy

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