Renee Hoffmann

renee crested butteout in Crested Butte, crushing it in the mountains

Name:  Renee Hoffmann

When did you start racing?
My first sanctioned bike race was in 2012. I registered for the State Fair crits and raced by way-too-big aluminum road bike and got my butt kicked. The first time I stayed with the lead group for that whole race was in 2016, several new bikes, lots of training, one bike team, and 4 years later. 

Why do you like being on a team?
I love being on a bike team because the support system, and built-in cheer squad. Whether you’re on the top step of the podium or break your bike and walk to the finish line, your team is there for you with hugs and snacks and that is super awesome. 

What are your bike-related goals?
Focus on the races and disciplines where I have the most fun.

What are your non bike-related goals?
Be able to do the splits. 

04photo by Hilary Roberts

Photo by Steve Kotvis

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