Lisa M. Olson

lisa hyper color trackphoto by Rebeca Solares

Name:  Lisa M. Olson

What does Koochella mean to you? 
I see Koochella as platform to springboard myself as I develop into a better and faster rider. It’s something to motivate me, and hold me accountable to my personal goals. Koochella is also a community full of super rad people who want to help one another be the best they can be!

Favorite place to ride?
Baker Orchard is a super fun CX course! Cruising around the city with my friends can’t be beat, though!

What are your goals?
Finishing every race I start, complete a century ride in 2017, snag a podium spot for state chariot races, try my hardest, and eat all my vegetables. “If it’s not fun, don’t do it!”

lisa thumbs‘cross can be fun, photo by France Barbeau


lisacrushing limestone trails in Missouri, photo by Theresa Van Ackeren

close finish chariot race, amanda lisa mariah jennyjust behind 2016 teammate, Mariah LaQua, in a chariot heat, photo by Lisa Lardy