NBFTW Racing in Minneapolis/St Paul

Bri Whitcraft

Bri Whitcraft (she/her)

Track, Gravel, Crits

Favorite Race/Ride
Miss and Out at the NSC Velodrome’s Thursday Night Lights, Powderhorn 24, The Filthy 50, Babes in Bikeland (RIP), RiotGrrravel, Koochella Classic (of course)…I can’t pick just one!

Bike Love
Biking has been my primary mode of transportation until just recently, so bicycling is an integral part of who I am. It’s amazing to me how something simple like a bicycle can open up so many opportunities to meet new people and experience a multitude of adventures. From making friends in Australia to finding a second career, this bicycle life continues to guide me. Just like how a fun Grease Rag bike camping trip introduced me to Koochella via the rad Lisa M. Olson…and the rest is history! It’s now my third year on this team of badass FTWs who inspire and support me in so many ways. So thanks heaps to my two-wheels for bringing so many lovely folx into my life and helping me make kickass memories along the way.