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Shop Koochella Merch:  T-shirts, tank tops, water bottles, bells, our zines, and more

Become the ULTIMATE Koochella Racing fan and sport some swag!
Purchases can be made through our square account, or in-person through a team member.

THANK YOU for your support,
we very much appreciate it!

Please e-mail with any questions.

*unless otherwise noted on the storefront page, all merchandise sales help pay for team members’ race fees.

2 thoughts on “STORE

  1. Howdy ladies! I’m a fixie chick in Atlanta – and i really want to buy some of your wearable merch (i.e. a kit, cycling cap, fuzzy hat and whatnot), but I seem to always not know when you have stuff available. Is there any way I could be added to your mailing list when new shit comes in?! I’d like to support y’all. And I met some of your girls at Red Hook BK, and they were hella nice and cool …

  2. hey! Yeah!

    Sorry for the late response on this, we are all kind of lost when it comes to updating this website… it’s easiest to reach us in person or on facebook.

    We are actually about to put in another order with Borah for team kits, and may introduce a matching cycling cap. We have water bottles, and all sizes of our Sparkle Tee available, and some new tank tops are currently being printed and will be available at Koochella Classic next weekend!

    Lisa M. Olson
    Koochella Racing

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