NSC Velodrome Track Repair GoFundMe

Our track requires repairs in order to open this Spring.  Help us to keep our track open so that we can make this coming season even better than last season!  We have big plans for next season.



Save track cycling in Minnesota.

The NSC Velodrome – the only velodrome in the state and a unique part of the USA’s small portfolio of velodromes – needs major repairs immediately.  The track is currently closed until it can be repaired. These repairs will extend the life of the facility, keeping the track cycling community active until a new, future velodrome facility is completed. We are asking the broad track cycling community to help out.


Friends of Velodrome Racing in Minnesota must raise $60,000 in 5 months.

Friends of Velodrome Racing in Minnesota is a newly-formed, volunteer-run nonprofit organization working to keep track cycling in Minnesota.

The Velodrome is owned and operated by the National Sports Center Foundation, a nonprofit organization that administers a large complex of state-developed sports facilities.  Given the age of the velodrome, the NSCF was prepared to close the facility permanently, but Friends of Velodrome Racing in MN has worked with the NSCF Board of Directors on a plan to preserve our unique public cycling facility.

Friends of Velodrome Racing in Minnesota will share the cost of repairs with the National Sports Center Foundation.  The complete cost of the repairs is about $60,000 and will be completed by professional crews.

Friends of Velodrome Racing in Minnesota has already secured materials donations for the repair, volunteer labor for additional maintenance, and some funds from individual and institutional donors – but more is needed.


What you can do. There are many ways to help out:

1. Donate to this fundraising campaign. Any amount helps to preserve the velodrome and keep growing the sport. You can donate through this GoFundMe campaign. Or, you can hand us a check or send us a Paypal gift tofriendsofmnvelo@gmail.com
2. Come out and ride next year. We need the current ridership to buy season passes, ride the velodrome, and support major events. Bring a friend, take a Learn To Ride class, or come out and race. The track has loaner bikes – all you need are shoes, pedals, and a helmet.
3. Connect the velodrome to sponsors. Email us at friendsofmnvelo@gmail.com for more information.
4. Help us connect the National Sports Center with major corporate sponsors. The NSC is a major multi-sport facility that has over 4 million visitors per year. If you know somebody who could benefit from this opportunity, please help us get in touch. friendsofmnvelo@gmail.com

Thanks so much for your time, attention, commitment, and donation



Save the NSC Velodrome Part 1

If you’re in town this weekend, please join Koochella at Fulton Brewery for a fundraiser to help pay for track repairs at the NSC Velodrome.

In addition to some killer prizes for raffle and silent auction, and some pieces for sale, Koochella will be auctioning off one of our All-City Koochella edition team framesets to the highest bidder (the winner gets to choose between a 49cm or 52cm size).

Until now, the only way to get one of these framesets was to earn it.  We feel so passionate about our velodrome that we are willing to break with our tradition for this event.

Please join us!


Jingle Cross 2014 Report!


Last Friday, Tiana and I drove down to Iowa City for Jingle Cross.  We were accompanied by our old friend Erin (Second Chance p/b Zubas) and our new friend Rhys May (Loose Nuts) from Georgia.

Well, technically, Erin drove.  Like a champ.

I had managed to talk Tiana into going, despite her being very sick.  And injured.  And exhausted from her day job on the streets as a super cool bike messenger.  I had even made her take an ice bath the night before… which had only made her more sick.

Poor thing.  I’m a horrible friend.


We didn’t arrive early enough to race on Friday. We raced on Saturday but didn’t have a camera (and couldn’t poach pictures from our friends).

Tiana, who coughed her way through the night, finished a respectable 10th out of 25th, her hand swollen to the size of her gloves by the end.

I finished a few spots behind her (after nipping Valerie sprinting at the finish) after a few technical difficulties with apparel, namely my legwarmers fell down and stuck in my chain a few times. After almost biffing it on a downhill for this reason, I vowed to not wear them for Sunday. Embro would have to do.

Sunday morning!

We went to breakfast at Bluebird. Note the straw wrappers (which we promptly shot at one another, because we’re all adults).


Tiana and I ordered the same breakfast.  Already in Hero Mode, I handily won.


 At the event, we ran into friend of the show, Fattie, seen here crushing a piece of breakfast pizza.


The Minnesota Tent Complex was packed with friends and aggressively heated (thanks for inviting us to hang out, guys!).  Everyone was excited because, well, we’re pretty good at snow… and over night we had received a respectable few inches of it.


And it was cold enough to stick around.


Tiana suited up but couldn’t race.

I, burned by my legwarmer experience the day before and apparently unaware of how embrocation works, put a thick layer of embro pretty much everywhere. Here is me at the start, completely unaware of the burning that would come.
2014111695092745 (1)

 Fortunately, most of the major right turns on the course were banked.  I can counter-steer left all day long, it’s what I do all summer at the track.  Counter-steering right, however, is much more challenging.  I fee like Zoolander.

20141116_093846 (1)

I was delighted to not have crashed.  Still high-fived every kid with a mitten-out.  Maybe even had a good time… and rocked some lobster red legs.


Then Rhys got on the course.  Being from Georgia, Rhys was a little less experienced with riding on snow.


She crashed five-seven times (depending on who she was talking to…) but just kept getting back on it. You can’t keep this girl down.


The last crash twerked her saddle… just a little bit.


 Other friends of the show:
Craig Whatshisname being all fast.(Raleigh or something)


Heidi Goodson (Birchwood) having one of the best races yet.  She looked great!


 Fred (Fred)


 Anya (Northstar)


 Chelsea (Fulton)


 And Chelsea’s boyfriend, Jeff (also Fulton), seen here clearly taking the race seriously (probably because Chelsea was way ahead of him).



 Matt (Cat 3 Cross Pro/Fulton) crushed the “cool” game.


Anyway, we had a ton of fun and look forward to doing this next year with a bigger, better crew.



Flyer Gallery

In order to get everyone stoked on race night, I made flyers throughout the season.

They are collected here for your personal amusement.

Also, so you know, I was striving to use as many different typefaces and Photoshop filters as possible.