Indigenous Land Acknowledgement


Koochella Racing rides on Indigenous land. Mni Sota Makoce (​Minnesota)​ ​is the homeland of the Dakota people. The Dakota have lived here since time immemorial. Ojibwe people reside in Minnesota, too; they reached their current homelands after following the megis shell to the food that grows on water (​manoomin​, or wild rice). White colonizers carried out genocide, ethnic cleansing, and forced removal against the Dakota and Ojibwe people. They broke promises. Despite centuries of colonial violence, this is ​still ​Indigenous land. It will ​always​ be Indigenous land. Dakota and Ojibwe people are still here, and they continue to demonstrate their talents and strengths. 

We urge you to take action beyond Indigenous land acknowledgment. Donate your time and money to Indigenous-led organizations. Amplify the voices of Indigenous people who are leading grassroots change movements. Learn more about, and take steps toward, returning land.

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