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Koochella: Mission

To promote women in cycling through the development of a competitive team of urban-focused women riders who are champions on and off the course through training, advocacy, and community outreach.

The Koochella team represents women who are highly involved in the Minneapolis Community. Koochella works to remove practical and financial obstacles that would otherwise restrict members from participation in competitive cycling. Supporting women from the urban cycling community to the competitive field through education, encouragement and financial support.

Photo Credit: Anna Schwinn

Photo Credit: Anna Schwinn

It is our goal to function as a larger “umbrella” organization. Leveraging exposure and success of team riders to drive team development. Providing cyclists an established, positive, supportive network, with which to recruit and retain women in the sport of competitive cycling. Through this success and retention, Koochella seeks to generate greater resources to be redistributed benefit other cycling groups and the larger community.

Koochella: Core Values/Objectives

  • Respect
  • Outreach, and Advocacy
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Development


At the center of our team is the value that we are a group of women, responsible to ourselves and our peers.  Champions on and off the course means training for success in competitive arenas, and creating valuable relationships through respectful and mindful interactions with our eachother and our community.


Photo Credit: Anna Schwinn

Outreach, and Advocacy:

A core value of Koochella is to contribute to the broader community through advocacy and community outreach. This is defined by our group as involvement in workshops and events to encourage women in cycling and under served populations. As well as creating venues for approachable exposure to competitive sport through encouragement and event organization.

As an affiliated group Koochella will have the capacity to influence the structure of women in competitive cycling in the Twin Cities. As a group we would like to:

  • Broaden and retain a larger field of women riders, to create a more competitive environment of women in cycling.
  • Remove financial and practical obstacles for riders, like transportation, equipment, race fees, and bike mechanics.
  • Create training opportunities for competitive riders.
  • Support/throw community bike races (sanctioned and unsanctioned).
  • Use resources to recruit competitive riders through outreach avenues and community races.
  • Promote equality in mens and womens fields in racing- advocacy for equal purses.
  • Involve young riders in competitive cycling through affiliation/or similar to the Mountain Bike League, drawing young riders to track cycling.
  • Volunteer team member time and resources to benefit women and young riders though clinic opportunities.
  • Fundraise and generate publicity for a new Velodrome track facility in the Twin Cities.
  • Support current track fundraising efforts and maintenance.